The Truth about Yoga 7 Myths Debunked

Reported from ABC News

The Truth about Yoga 7 Myths Debunked

1. Yoga is a religion

False. “Yoga is a practice of unifying the mind and the body. It is a practice of Self-Study and developing a relationship with the most important person in your life… YOURSELF:) Yoga is a science- not a religion.”

2. Yoga is easy

“If you think that yoga is easy then you are doing it all wrong. Even a basic yoga class should be challenging if you are approaching the class correctly. There are many different styles of yoga. Some are more mellow than others from a vinyasa yoga or ashtanga class, where you are moving more vigorously. Find a level that is right for you.

3. You have to be flexible to do yoga

Not exactly. In fact, people go to yoga to become more flexible. “Yoga builds flexibility as well as strength.”

4. Yoga is just for women

This is perhaps the biggest myth of them all. The truth is quite the opposite. In yoga’s early days in India, it started out as a male practice and very few females practiced. Today many famous men openly practice, such as Tom Brady, Adam Levine, Colin Farrell, David Beckham, Matthew McConaughey, Sting…

Says Clivio: “Most of my teachers and leaders in modern day yoga have been men- Bikram, Baron Baptiste, Pattabhi Jois… In my 6pm class at PURE West the room is often 1/3- 1/2 Men! It’s fantastic.”

5. Yoga is not for everybody

“Yoga is for everyone! It is a method of us to explore the potential of our bodies and create clarity of the mind. It teaches us to self care and plays an important part of development and growth as human beings.”

6. Yoga Causes Injuries

False. “Yoga actually HEALS injuries. When it is practiced from a place of Non- Ego and you don’t push too hard to fast it is magic on healing injuries.”

7. Yoga is too time consuming

“I say five minutes is better than No Minutes! If you can’t make it to a class commit to doing just five minutes… consistency is the key to building flexibility.”