Chillout Yoga DVD by Howard Napper

Chillout Yoga follows Howard as he takes you through a sequence of deep and relaxing yoga postures.
This unique sequence is the perfect combination to build strength as well as encourage suppleness and relaxation. The aim of this practice is to improve your core stability and lower stress levels. It also offers a range of benefits related to your overall wellbeing, vitality and mind-body awareness.
The teaching in this DVD can be applied to any style of yoga and is suitable for most levels.
Chillout Yoga is the second in a set of yoga DVD's with Howard Napper. Together with Dynamic Yoga they will give you the complete and perfectly balanced practice.
These DVD's can be practiced individually - Dynamic for strength and Chillout for relaxation, or used in conjunction with each other to give you ideal instruction for a morning and evening practice.

P&P £2.00 or collect free at class

Price: £5.00

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