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Ekotex Premium Sticky mat

Ideal for studio and home practice. 185 cm x 60 cm Standard size mat. 5 mm thick

Only available in saffron (yellow).

The best grip. Oekotex guarantee of no harmful substances with highest quality German manufacturing.

Our mats do not contain any harmful substances – so you can practice safely without fear of allergic reactions or toxins entering he body.

Yoga mats are coated with a light lubricant during manufacturing to protect the mat during transit. If you find the mat slippery when you first use it, then we recommend cleaning it using a damp cloth and drying with a clean towel.

Allow lot’s of time to air dry (don’t use a tumble drier or radiator) and avoid folding or using the mat until it is completely dry.

P&P £8.00 or collect free in class

Old Price: £25.00

Price: £15.00

You save: £10.00

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