Personal Practice Yoga Review

Yoga is individual and we all take different elements from our practice. Sometimes it helps to review how we are doing and to explore areas to develop and to experience. If you would take time to complete the Personal Practice Yoga Review, we can look at your options for progression.
All the information is treated as confidential and I aim to reply either personally or by email.
Om Shanti. Stephen.

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Where do you currently practice?

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What is your current level of health and fitness?

Do you have any health issues?

Do you have any aches and pains?

What is the main benefit you get from yoga?

What do you least like about your current yoga practice?

How do you rate

a) Your balance

b) Your flexibility

c) Your strength

d) Your breath control

e) Your muscle tone

Do you sleep soundly?

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Your progression plans

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What would you like to learn more about Yoga?

Which postures would you like to develop?

Would you like to develop a practice in other areas?

Barriers to progress

What would prevent you from developing your yoga practice?

Other options

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